Premium Design Wall Clock

KERIS designs and manufactures contemporary mechanical wall clocks.

Elegant and sturdy, they combine the knowledge of Swiss watchmaking and the passion for interior design.

Are you looking for an original piece of decoration ? You must have a look at alp', the first model of the brand.

salon horloge luwe

New manufacture,
New horological philosophy

horloge lac fauteuils

K02, KERIS' mechanical engine

The soul of a mechanical object lies in its movement. 

KERIS spent a couple of years working on the heart of the wall clocks : the mechanical movement.

The result is both sophisticated and solid, able to cross the ages like its predecessors.



Designed, manufactured and assembled locally.

Find ou where.


From traditional to high-tech production methods : 21 crafts involved.

To develop and build a wall clock, KERIS works with numerous experts. They are specialised in wood bending, glass cutting, turning and milling... They are chosen for there ability to produce high quality pieces, both functionally and aesthetically. 

Discover a few of the process used to create a mechanical wall clock at KERIS.

Are you curious to get to know their skills ? Get in touch with us, we welcome you to our workshop in Neuchâtel.

A word from the co-founder of KERIS

"That grandfather clock, next to the family photo, is my grandmother's. I grew up alongside this magnificent piece which animates and embellishes the family living room with its presence. The mechanical hour is poetic, elegant, durable. I have the pleasure of making its contemporary version, from the birthplace of the emblematic Pendule Neuchâteloise." 


Marie-Aude Acker

Pendule parquet

Orignal pendulum clocks

croquis horloge

Swiss mechanical wall clocks movements have remained unchanged for over 50 years. They no longer fitted with today's expectations of performance and style.

KERIS' engineers totally redesigned the mechanical functioning of time display to harmonise the object with its times. It now includes new materials and uses new technologies.

Une interprétation, sobre et contemporaine de la mécanique horlogère.


Unprecedented inventions to bring an object of yesteryear into our times.


Une incomparable fraîcheur dans les textures et la noblesse des matériaux.

Mechanical pendulum clocks,
the new premium ornamental object


From the Jura farmers to the present day, the same know-how.

Hanging a mechanical clock means displaying much more than just the time in its habitat.

La mécanique horlogère est un patrimoine qui se transmet depuis plusieurs générations. 

Historical symbol of luxury, the clock is for its owners a mark of interest for quality objects, manufactured with strict criteria.


Where technique meets art.

Big sisters of Swiss mechanical watches, Neuchâtel clocks have always adorned the most refined interiors. Their charm lies in their movement but also in the choice of materials and their exemplary finishes. 

Horloge cuisine mint
rainbow horloges


Zero compromise on finishes and functions.

Reconnu par l’UNESCO, le savoir-faire en  micro-mécanique de la région neuchâteloise est l’une des grandes fiertés de KERIS. La manufacture valide chaque pièce après une série de contrôles rigoureux et certifie elle-même la qualité de ses pendules.


A unique clock, as singular as you are.

Interior decoration is a matter of taste. KERIS offers a range of colors and finishes for its clocks in order to offer a tailor-made piece to each customer who wishes it. 

Are you an interior architect or decorator ?

As requested by many interior design professionals, we now provide 3D documents to integrate our clocks into the creations of experts around the world.

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