alp’ is the contemporary version of the historic mechanical pendulum clock. Its dimensions allow it to be a major asset in the decoration of a room. Its natural colors and softened geometric shapes bring a unique decorative touch to an interior. Its energy is exclusively mechanical thanks to the innovative watch movement developed and assembled by KERIS. 



  • Designed by KERIS
  • Made in Neuchâtel (Switzerland)
  • 15 days power reserve
  • Frequency : 1 oscillation per second
  • 147 composants (+ 10 pour le cabinet)
  • Numbered pieces
  • Total height 1.20m
  • Case 450x620mm
  • Wood frame
  • Face in low-pressure injection
  • Anodized aluminium hands
  • Fixing plate and screws supplied
  • Balance hooking with a self-centering magnet

Swiss Made

One sway per second

Displayed mechanism

Winding crown


couleurs horloges

Do you have a favourite or corporate color you want to add on the clock to make it unique ?

L’horloge mécanique alp’ peut se décliner sur son cadre et ses aiguilles en nuance et en finition de votre choix.


Please contact us to discuss your project.


Mouvement horloge

Deux ans de conception, d’essais et de mise au point pour offrir une combinaison de technique et d’esthétique.

K02 as we name it, is build in Neuchâtel. A well-know region for its glorious past in clockmaking.

Associated with the best know-how of Swiss luxury, the KERIS movement is a work of watchmaking art on a large scale.

Custom-made packaging to protect these exceptional pieces.

Delivery worldwide by courier.

2-year warranty and after-sales service provided by the brand.