Mechanical Time
KERIS' clock movement
Luxury, in every detail
Unprecedented horological inventions


Prefix, meaning new or recent.


(french) Manual manufacture of certain handicraft and industrial products.

Horloger Assemblage

The manufacturers,

serving quality and Swiss Made.

fabrication CNC
polissage manuel
pince assemblage précis
fraisage cadre bois
Laser découpe acier
Laser Cutting
pinceau précision
imprimante 3D
3D printing
machine plier bois

Our inventions

Mechanical wall clocks offer huge possibilities for creativity, both aesthetically and technically.

Les ingénieurs de KERIS remettent en question chacun des fonctionnements et des codes de la pendule traditionnelle. Un souhait autant qu’une nécessité pour que cet objet décoratif luxueux corresponde à son époque et à ses acquéreurs. 

Simplicity, ergonomics, new materials, innovation is reflected in almost each component. 

Innovation is not the enemy of heritage. Many parts have undergone minimal evolutions compared to their ancestors. This shows how brillant our predecessors were in watchmaking. 

Watches have crowns. Now walls clocks are queens too.
To display the wheels and gears, KERIS movement is up to three times bigger than previously.
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Swiss Made

Plan fournisseur

We share values and a vision.

Making the new Neuchâtel clocks, in Neuchâtel and with Neuchâtel residents, is the challenge of KERIS.

The team does a lot of research in order to find, within a radius of less than 100km around it, partners for the manufacture of components. 

Local manufacturing is a guarantee of quality, performance but also durability thanks to limited transportation. 


Marie-Aude Acker

Marie-Aude ACKER

"I love the balance between respect of traditions and writing of a new chapter in the book of mechanical clocks."

Guillaume Sireyx

Guillaume SIREYX

"The passage of time, displayed through a mechanism offers me a challenge beyond engineering, tending to poetry."


Cadran Pendule

New clocks for a new era.

For centuries, Neuchatel Canton manufactured the most iconic wall time pieces called "Pendules Neuchateloises".


After more than 20 years in the most prestigious watchmaking factories in the Canton of Neuchâtel, the two founders of KERIS have decided to give a new lease of life to mechanical clocks. 

Their approach is unique. They choose for each model a contemporary aesthetic and a poetic enhancement of the mechanics.


Thus, KERIS is the only Swiss watchmaking brand to offer visibility of the living heart of its clock. The flow of time is perceptible, almost seizable.

We are thankfulfor their support.

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